Bookings FAQ


Q: I have made a purchase – am I all booked in?


No. You will have received an email from us shortly after your purchase with a link to an online booking form. This will need to be filled out in full and submitted before we can start to book you into your chosen package.



Q: There are more than 2 of us travelling but there are only 2 sets of passenger details on the booking form?


Fill in the form with 2 passenger details and our travel experts will be in touch to collect the remaining details.



Q: Can I make special requests or variations?


Please read the travel deal pages in full including Highlights, Itinerary & Fine Print to determine what variations are available. Please make any special requests on your booking form and one of our travel experts will be in touch with you to finalise your arrangements.



Q: What happens if my special requests cannot be facilitated?


In most cases you will be offered alternatives but if what’s offered is not acceptable you can request a full refund



Q: When will I be contacted about my breakaway details?


We currently work through packages in a departure date order. When your airfare is available for quotation we will contact you and provide you with your proposed options as soon as possible. 



Q: How do I find out about travel visa requirements for my trip?


Please go to our specialist travel visa site by clicking here. Here you can find out about your specific visa requirements and also have your visa arranged for you!



Q: Do I need travel insurance?


Travel insurance is highly recommended for all travel, both domestic and international. Almost all of our travel deals are 100% non refundable and so we strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance as soon as you’ve purchased your trip from us. Please click here for some great travel insurance rates.



Q: When will I receive my travel documents?


You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of your booking form within 5 days of submission. Your full set of travel documentation will be sent out 30 days prior to your departure date.



Q: I need to know my specific flight details?


We will inform you when you flights have been booked in. If you need to know your specific flight details just send us an email with this request.


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